The Most Daring and Spectacular Feat ever devised by Human Ingenuity!

I started to tell a story two years ago and it has since grown to more than forty drawings and a lengthy script. Friends and family have long since tired of dressing up in strange costumes, asked to act out absurd scenes for reference photos, only to be made to look like scary clowns or to have their faces over taken by mutton chops or curly mustaches. As I’m finishing up the last of the images, I’ve been going back to scan in and catalogue everything, finding pieces I forgot I made and suddenly realizing how different this looks now. The work definitely evolved as it progressed. Some of the earliest are now sort of embarrassing, but that’s the best kind of embarrassment really. The kind that signifies growth.

The process for producing one of these drawings is complicated and took a lot of tries to get it down to a science… of sorts. It’s still not entirely obvious to me what a piece is going to look like until it’s finished, but the surprises are fun too!

Tiggins Top gets his revenge... Youch!

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