Sue Lawton’s Quasi-Victorian, Semi-Reptilian, Fiber Optic Menagerie and House of Curiosities

A tornado has struck my studio. At least that’s what it looks like. Sorting through all my stuff at home in preparation for a move has meant boxes of random flotsam and odd souvenirs from my past lives landing willy nilly in Studio Land. Disrupting the normal levels of chaos to EXTREME levels of eclectic white noise. Which is what it sounds like in my brain right now.

Unfortunately, as I am planning to open my studio for this Friday’s Gallery Night (and Bay View Gallery Night, June 1st) the “Great Sort-Through of 2012” must continue. Epic sorting and boxing and tucking into corners must commence!!!

Among the fall out are numerous experimental paintings from my college years and small studies from previous projects and bits and pieces of older bodies of work. I worked too hard on them to throw them out, but have no where to go with them. Which is where YOU come in. That’s right, YOU, dear reader. I hereby invite you to come to The Hide House on Friday night and paw through my old art and make me an offer. I also have older prints!!! Offer me what you think it’s worth, or trade me something cool (I love vintage frames, weird fiber optic flower thingys, quasi-victorian costume pieces, and for some reason have always wanted a skull or some sort of a taxidermy animal… oh wait, I’m trying to sort through my stuff and make more room. As you can see this is an ongoing problem for me.)

I’ll have a whole table or area designated for art rummage and have them marked as such. I’m thinking orange dot stickers?

And, of course, many original works from “The Circus and the Cyclone” will be up on the walls along with prints and copies of the book. The circus must continue! I guarantee you will find ample amounts of visual stimuli. And probably be mildly confused by the time you leave.

In short:

Old things, new things, new prices and strange encounters. All happening at The Hide House,  suite 9F. Friday, April 20th  6-10pm. Please take something home with you.

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