New Histories and Old Futures: The Timeless Art of Story

New Histories Postcard

Opening Saturday, October 12 5pm-8pm at the Northwestern Mutual Art Gallery at Cardinal Stritch University

This morning I headed to the studio bright and early and loaded bins and bins and bins of framed artwork into my car. Then I muscled in the willow tree backdrop with its hanging bars. I spent the rest of the morning at Cardinal Stritch University unpacking and hanging in preparation for my first ever solo show entitled “New Histories and Old Futures: The Timeless Art of Story”. Upon arriving I was also thrilled to see that the gallery director (Shana McCaw) had collected some furniture to fit with the show. That’s right… we’re making a living room in the gallery. Because. Obviously. Where else are you going to read and drink your coffee?!

Tomorrow brings two more bins of art and the newest layered backdrop, a scene of mining ruins from Upper Michigan. There are no words to describe how excited I am to have an entire gallery to play with. Perhaps: HUMUNGOUS!! COLOSSAL!!! ART EXHIBIT OF EPIC PROPORTIONS!!!! Or at least an interesting sideshow for the art-curious 😉

There will be portions of three major bodies of work on display: “The Circus and the Cyclone” book illustrations, scenes from my surrealist opera “Tibia”, and concept art for my current novel-in-progress under the working title “The Rift”. The circus story falls squarely into historical fiction while the opera jumps between the 19th and 21st centuries. The new book features time traveling space orphans. So I decided to play with time in the show’s title as well. It seems to be an underlying theme in my writings. Probably due to massive overdoses of science fiction since early childhood.

The show opens Saturday, October 12 at Cardinal Stritch’s art gallery, so be sure to stop in and make yourself at home! On the couch or fancy chair, of course.

Up Next: Artist in Residence at the Sharon Lynne Wilson Center, Dead Man’s Carnival, and Nanowrimo 2013. Stay tuned!

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