On Guy Fawks Day,1979, while the English were joyfully burning their effigies, the Wisconsin landscape witnessed the birth of a girl who was named Sue Goetz. (It probably witnessed other births and deaths on this day, but the most important notation is that things continue to be set in motion despite the sparse November fields of the upper Midwest.)

The baby girl suffered the inevitable growth that all helpless infants suffer, bringing her to the form of a helpless child. From this state she was able to gather much information concerning the world around her and file it for later reference. She filed “Mom” and “Dad” and “brothers” and later, “birds” and “space ships”, and in her fifth year of existence “sister”. At this point, she decided to make some drawings and notes to help her remember all of the details. She was then informed that such an act is called “art”. She quickly adopted this technique into regular filing procedures because she found it to be enjoyable and more accurate than previous methods.

She strove tirelessly to recreate the world around her in the more static and stationary form of two-dimensional representation, but found this to be an impossible task due to the infinite amount of recordable visual data existing in the outside world. So she then decided to narrow her focus to subjects which she found most attractive. Unfortunately, this also turned out to be an impossible task because she found just about anything to be attractive, thus not narrowing her perspective at all.

She continued this practice, though recognizing its futility, until she reached the state of a helpless teenager. At this point, she began to discover art that records data from inside a person rather than the usual external surroundings. Finding these works to be far more fascinating and constructive, Sue began to create works in this method.

During this time, Sue met a boy named Chuck who seemed to understand her subconscious regurgitations and they formed an inseparable bond. Upon surviving their helpless teenage years, the two found themselves in a new state called “adulthood”. The two helpless adults made their previously formed bond legally recognizable and Sue Goetz was transformed into a new entity called “Sue Lawton”.

Thus we arrive at the present condition of the artist Sue Lawton.

In Summary:

  • born Nov. 5, 1979
  • lives in Wisconsin
  • made art
  • got married
  • continues to make art
  • will eventually die on a date which is not yet determined*