The Circus and the Cyclone (2009-2011)

The Circus and the Cyclone is a piece of fantastical historical fiction set against the worst natural disaster in Wisconsin’s history – the destruction of the town of New Richmond by a tornado in 1899. The event was made even more tragic because a traveling circus had also arrived that day, attracting many outside visitors to the town.

Using this backdrop, I have created a narrative that weaves between a pair of childhood friends, now grown and fallen in love, a pair of clowns competing for the affections of a beautiful contortionist traveling with the circus and a megalomaniac human cannonball who dreams of flying to the moon. All of these stories culminate when the tornado suddenly strikes, turning fates and revealing hidden truths.

The Circus and the Cyclone has been made in to a book, funded through the crowd-funding website, Kickstarter.