Don’t mess with the Zazel

So I started a small self-portrait this morning. It’s an old-fashioned cameo style picture. I only got as far as the outlines and will hopefully get around to coloring it next week. It will probably be used for my new business cards.


This drawing is loosely based off a portrait of a 19th century human cannon ball named “Zazel”. She was actually one of the first people to perform the human cannon ball stunt, being launched from the cannon and then grabbing a trapeze. I love this portrait because, despite the pink flowers in her hair and the high-collared dress, she still manages to look totally bad-ass. The circus was ahead of its time as far as the women’s movement goes. Female performers wore pants and shorts and other attire that were deemed inappropriate in polite "society". They tamed lions, flew out of cannons, jumped through rings of fire while riding horses bareback, fired guns, and some were even body builders. These were some tough gals!


Don't mess with the zazel.