Lovely Lenora Lovelle comes to life

So I’ve done a huge pile of fighting clown pictures, but none of what they are fighting for. The answer to that is LOVE of course. I decided it was high time to tackle one of the more difficult characters of the story, the bewitching contortionist, Lenora Lovelle. She’s beautiful, talented, unusually quiet, and is also the daughter of a rather sinister potion maker and inventor, the dastardly Doctor Vandersmouthe.

I guess the reason I’ve been putting off her glorious debut is obvious: I don’t know anyone who can do these poses in real life, so reference photos don’t do much good outside of her facial features (my sister, although I did make her wear a tutu for this). I ended up drawing her in normal poses, then using a light table to turn the image at odd angles as I drew in the limbs .

Yes she is spinning plates, and yes there is a bear in the rough poster design with the caption “Now featuring a live bear!”  Not sure yet where I’m going with that, just thought it could use a bear.