The Circus and the Cyclone… and its gypsy band narrators

Today, after much folly, I finally finished the cover image for the book. As you can see, it’s pretty complex with a lot of fun stuff going on. And a lot of fun stuff sometimes means more opportunity to mess something up. Which happened. So I started over from scratch and did it right the second time… which was utterly time consuming but totally worth it in the end.


The band members serve as the narrators of the story and I thought it would be really cool to feature them as the cover image. Their look and sound really capture what the story is after, even though they don’t have any songs specifically related to circuses, tornadoes, or moon landings.

It’s hard to describe how, but certain types of music seem to go well with particular images while others obviously don’t. Some of my favorite bands work with specific visual artists to create their album art and posters in a way that truly compliments their sound and helps to identify what they are about. Some of my favorite examples are RadioheadThe DecemberistsJoanna NewsomFleet Foxes, and Sigor Ros‘ Takk album. The visuals are gorgeous and identify perfectly with the sound. I’ve always, ALWAYS wanted to work with musicians in that way.

But some of my past band art experiences have been, shall we say, not the best match. However, a few years ago, my husband joined a band that became The Vitrolum Republic. And it turned out to be a great match for both of us. It’s been a rewarding experience to pair my ascetic with their sound and watch everything come together. There’s been some casual talk of doing an animated music video together at some point, so that will be a story all its own!

But alas, dear reader, I get ahead of myself. For the task at hand is planning our kickstarter campaign for the book.Yikes! It’s exciting and terrifying at the same time. My circus tornado yarn as an actual, physical book?! Hopefully we’ll be launching by the end of next month. Stay tuned.