Friday Kickstarter Kick-off and Gallery Night

It’s happening again… Gallery Night in Milwaukee is this Friday and the Hide House will be buzzing with all kinds of activity. Up on the second floor we’ll have a bunch of artists, a bunch of food and drink, and live music by The Vitrolum Republic! I’m also using this as the kick-off event for my Kickstarter campaign to publish the book, so it will be extra exciting.

It’s been interesting doing these open studio events this year. It’s something new for my studio partner and I (Jason Krukowski) and welcoming the public into a private creative space still seems a little weird, but also fun. I try to clean up our pack rat museum and make it look presentable, while still keeping it functional and comfortable to create in. In many ways though, it’s futile to “clean” our room, which is full of years worth of thrift store finds, dumpster dives, and rummage sale beauties. Not to mention the slightly embarrassing yet endearing student artworks I can’t just toss or hide away. Also, there’s Jason’s toy collection, my jewelry boxes and doll furniture, and more clocks than anyone actually needs that are all showing different times… kind of like Doc Brown’s art laboratory. I’m working on some adjustments to the Gaius Baltar shrine (aka Baltar Altar) so please excuse its current state.

In creating a set for my kickstarter video, we just pulled interesting and fancy looking items from the room and arranged them in the hall: instant circus ambience!


Stay tuned for more details as the Kickstarter campaign begins! And if you’re in the Milwaukee area on Friday night, make sure to stop in at the Hide House in Bay View for a spectacular evening of art, music, and revelry.